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  • Of course, at times you and your organization would be better served by keeping your cards close to your chest. In our negotiation classes, we teach strategies for handling hard questions without lying. Dodging, or answering a question you wish you had been asked, can be effective not only in helping you protect information you’d rather keep private but also in building a good rapport with your conversational partner, especially if you speak eloquently. In a study led by Todd Rogers, of Harvard’s Kennedy School, participants were shown clips of political candidates responding to questions by either answering them or dodging them. Eloquent dodgers were liked more than ineloquent answerers, but only when their dodges went undetected. Another effective strategy is deflecting, or answering a probing question with another question or a joke. Answerers can use this approach to lead the conversation in a different direction.

    “Question everything,” Albert Einstein famously said. Personal creativity and organizational innovation rely on a willingness to seek out novel information. Questions and thoughtful answers foster smoother and more-effective interactions, they strengthen rapport and trust, and lead groups toward discovery. All this we have documented in our research. But we believe questions and answers have a power that goes far beyond matters of performance. The wellspring of all questions is wonder and curiosity and a capacity for delight. We pose and respond to queries in the belief that the magic of a conversation will produce a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Sustained personal engagement and motivation—in our lives as well as our work—require that we are always mindful of the transformative joy of asking and answering questions.

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    issue (pp.60–67) of .

    Alison Wood Brooks is an assistant professor at Harvard Business School. She teaches negotiation in the MBA and executive education curricula and is affiliated with the Behavioral Insights Group.

    Leslie K. John is an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. Twitter: @lesliekjohn.

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    This is so fantastic! Leslie and Alison, have you read the book, Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter by Will Wise? There is some very complimentary AND new ideas in both of your work!

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    If you embed your signup form on multiple webpages like a homepage, a contact page, and a product site, you may want to find out where subscribers signed up.

    To do this, you'll edit your form to include a hidden field that pre-fills a webpage location value, like homepage or contact page. This value will appear in the profile of new subscribers from the embedded form. Later, you can use this location value to segment your list and send targeted content to subscribers who came from a certain page.

    In this article, you'll learn how to track signup locations with MailChimp's embedded signup form.

    Before You Start

    This is a multi-step process, and you'll need to complete these steps in order.

    After the form is updated and added to webpages on your site, you can test your form, and create auto-update segments to organize new subscribers by webpage signup location.

    To get started, you'll add a hidden text field to your form.

    Signup forms Form builder Forms and response emails Signup form Build it Add a field Field settings Field name Field tag Field visibility Hidden Save Field

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    Embedded forms Classic Copy/paste onto your site heading

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    To modify the form code, follow these steps.

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    At the end of the code for your form action URL, add MERGE=value . Replace MERGE with your hidden field's tag, and replace value with the form location information you'd like to send to MailChimp. For example, to prefill the value Homepage in a hidden field called SIGNUP , add SIGNUP=Homepage to the end of the form action URL.

    MERGE=value Homepage SIGNUP

    Repeat steps 1-3 to edit additional copies of the code for each page where you want to embed the form.

    To test your updated signup form, fill it out completely on your site and submit it. If you've pasted the form in several places, use different email addresses for each test submission.

    Information on urinary tract infections in adults.

    Leaflets to share with patients opens in a new window

    To be shared with patients during the consultation - the leaflets aim to improve the patient's confidence to self care and the prescriber's communication with patients and carers.

    Antibiotic Guardian: resources for the public opens in a new window

    Information on antibiotics and hand washing tips to share with patients.

    The Sepsis Trust opens in a new window

    A charity that is helping the NHS to change the way it deals with Sepsis, increasing public awareness and supporting those affected by Sepsis.

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    Education and training

    Core Skills Training Framework opens in a new window

    Use to recognise training to a standard, trust that information and reduce duplication of training.

    Outcome competences for practitioners: infection prevention and control opens in a new window

    Will assist practitioners to continually increase their existing knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver improved quality of care for patients by relieving the burden of disease and avoidable illness through healthcare associated infections.

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    Access e-learning projects covering urinary tract infections, sepsis, skin and soft tissue infections, antimicrobial resistance, and clinical and medical leadership.

    An introduction to reducing antimicrobial resistance: e-learning module opens in a new window

    Aimed at all health and social care staff this learning e-learning module contains resources to support awareness and education of clinical staff on antimicrobial resistance in different care settings.

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    Training resources to help fulfil CPD and revalidation requirements, including group training presentations and e-learning modules.

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    Local examples

    Reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections at a district general hospital

    Chesterfield Royal Hospital developed an improvement strategy to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections after data revealed rates were double the national average.

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